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Nov 19, 2012 9:00pm PST
, shawn, worth noting today, there were no rockets targeting tel aviv. the reason for this not clear. thertheir arsenal of these longr range rockets might be depleted or they might be saving them up for a future escalation. back to you. >> all right, david. thanks. be safe there. joining me now is the author of the brand new book, and by the way, i couldn't put this down. heroes prove, host of war stories. lieutenant colonel oliver north. we'll get to that in a second. >> it's all there. >> let me start with -- first of all, they're in egypt, in cairo trying to negotiate a settlement here, but we have in cairo, we know what the prime minister did when he went to hamas. >> the only way to stop what's happening right now to the people of israel which is dozens of rockets being fired against civilians is to go to the place where they all originate, and that's iran. the pressure ought not to be put on the people of israel or the government of israel. what we're seeing is publicly obama goes out and says they have the inherent right of self defense, but privately what's happening is israe
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
first winter weather o you can reps of the season. shawn. >>> in new york and new jersey, people are still recovering from sandy and they're preparing for the worst. janice dean has the latest. >> reporter: the northeast catching no breaks as a nor'easter strikes the region and still dealing with the aftermath of superstorm sandy. philadelphia seeing the affects of the storm with afternoon snowfall. and new jersey governor telling residents to prepare for the worst. >> i can see us actually moving backwards. the people who have gotten power and losing power again and especially inland because of the. >>> it could happen here and, you know, we're not going to know until the storm passes. >> reporter: new york city officials encouraging folks ravaged by sandy to seek igher ground while closing down all parks, playgrounds, and beaches in anticipation of the storm. >> the fdny positioned 20 ambulances and task forces with other equipment near potential flood areas in brooklyn, queens, and on staten island. we think we're ready for anything. >> reporter: major airlines also canceling flig
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
: shawn, we're learning more about the assault. recall this incident happened witness around lunchtime at a house on mckinley street in d.c.'s chevy chase neighborhood. according to police, a lone assail gent wearing a ski mask came in a rear window of the house. there he encountered the 81-year-old woman who lives there. she has limited vision. according to court records she asked him to leave. he cursed at her and then struck her with closed fists in both the face and the head. she was beaten unconscious, according to the court documents, and ultimately hospitalized. what we learned today in this court hearing is that d.c. police asked for what's called a, quote, gps database query. gps database query. apparently whoever was in the house was carrying something that was sending off signals that allowed them to track who was there. could have been a cellphone. could have been something else. they wouldn't say. that yielded information that led police to 18-year-old tyrann mikel rhett of southeast washington who was arrested and police say in court documents when he was arrest
Nov 28, 2012 7:00am PST
, shawn, kelly, melissa getting ready. and the guys, tony, derek and val. i think they're close to getting ready. >> it's hard to get ready with this on. >> i think you'll manage. the guys are looking good. are you ready to come down to the after-party? >> we're ready. >> amy, hope you brought your dancing shoes. >> i did, lara. >>> also ahead, what do you do if you win the powerball jackpot tonight? we're going to hear from some of the biggest lottery winners ever, about what to do and what not to do if you have the winning ticket. >> share it with your friends and buy yourself a dancing lesson or two. >>> and brad pitt, opening up in a special interview. he is discussing that burgeoning family of his, with angelina jolie. and talks about turning 50 and a word or two about the chanel ads. >>> angus t. jones set up a firestorm when he called "two and a half men" filth and telling fans not to watch it. he's apologizing to the co-stars and the producers. the big question, will he keep his job? >> i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please, stop watching it. >> repo
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. shawn. >> thanks, brian. we're working several stories for you. the man accused of planting pipe bombs at local homes makes his first court appearance in montana. the new details we learned about his arrest. >> plus an escaped murderer caught after three days on the run. how he broke out of prison and where investigators caught up with him. also, local runners react to the cancellation of the new york city marathon. those stories and much more at 10. brian. >> all right, shawn. >>> and let's go to sue palka now with a last look at the forecast. >> this is the accuweather seven-day forecast, tacking about the temperatures in the low 50s. it will be brighter for the weekend. don't forget, we return to standard time, set your clocks back one hour saturday night. so far so good for election day around here, the temperature is 52 degrees and keeping it dry, brian. >> keep it here. the news edge you decide 2012 is coming up next. g up next. 
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
people ton this crime did not go unpunished. shawn? >> i'm curious d kwame brown talk at all today, go did he speak to the reporters while out there? >> reporter: yeah, shawn, he did. he talked to the judge before the sentenceing, and he really expressed his regret. he talked about how he brought embarrassment to his family, to himself, his attorney even pointed out that this was a political life, a great political life that kwame brown basically ruined as he committed the two crimes. >> all right, matt ackland with the latest. thank you, matt. we asked our facebook fans if they think the punishment fits the crime. heck no, seriously, the public officials take the risks because they know they won't get punished. why do we have laws and the -- in the justice system if the crooks get away with defrauding. >> for a criminal finding, yes. i hope the companies he defrauded with the false loan apps sue the heck out of him. and lonnie sums it like this: possess an ounce of weed or steal a can of soda from the store, and i think you will spend more time behind bars. we want to thank you all fo
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
. shawn? >> that is a tragedy all around for both families. thank you. >>> a top republican called president obama a liar for his statements on the ben ghaz i attack. on capitol hill today, democrats and republicans traded some tough words over the attack. at the center of the storm, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. republicans say she misled the country. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is here and i guess it appears the president's strong quest ask or demands telling them to come back after him, back off, susan rice, didn't do a lot of good. >> reporter: no, in fact, it was the opposite that was resparked as both sides accused the others of using the ben ghazi attack to their own advantage. the republican-controlled house foreign affairs committee accept -- but they answered questions. instead, witnesses consisting of career government facilities officials and conservative thinktank experts offered their assessment of the administration's actions on ben ghazi. the attack killed four americans, including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. yesterday, president obama intensely defend
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
whether he backs it up. >> all right, tom fitzgerald, thanks for the update. shawn. >>> within five years, d.c. hopes to create 100,000 new jobs and bring in more than $1 billion in revenue. it's a big goal and big number. is it possible? if so, will the jobs go to locals who need them? fox 5s matt ackland has more on d.c.'s economic equipment strategy. >> reporter: the sweet sound of construction can be seen all over the district. all you have to do is look at the cranes currently building massive structures. the mayor wants more construction and more jobs. >> this is the full plan. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray presented details with the five- year economic development plan with the o street market redevelopment project taking place behind him. >> this created 400 construction jobs and there will be 400 now full-time positions. >> reporter: gray's plan is massive, attracting a new medical center, possibly making d.c. the new silicon valley and gray said that investors want a piece of this plan. d.c. city center is now being built on the old convention center lot in downtown d.c.
Nov 27, 2012 7:00am PST
think shawn johnson stole the show. i think shawn stole the show. especially when she brought it after the fab five was amazing. >> that was something we've never seen before. >> i've never seen that before. you know, sometimes you have to bring out all the tricks, especially when you're in this competition. they brought it all out. same thing i did when i won season 14. and shawn did the same thing. >> what about that move when shawn climbed up on derek's shoulders. and they started to lean forward? what do you think about that? >> i was a little nervous. i thought she was going to fall. she's a great gymnast. she did a great job by rolling around. that's a trick that took the cake. >> you mentioned melissa. she is the only finalist who doesn't have a mirrorball trophy. and she got a perfect score last night, a 30. doesn't she deserve it? >> i think she deserved it. i was pulling for her because she seemed like she got better and better each week. she proved that she's the best. you know? when it comes to fan vote, shawn johnson has more fans than melissa does. >> and kelly and val. w
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
could be reduced and some could be increased, shawn. >> matt, let me ask to make clear here. we have the city council who is coming up with the plan. the mayor who announced the plan. who is going to get the final say on this? >> well, right now, the mayor can basically make this plan that he wants. he wants to enact it on monday. he can do that but the city council can come in once it goes to committee, and then to a full vote. they can decide to lower it and then it would go to the mayor. the mayor could veto it and he did not talk about that today. the city council could come up with a plan that lowers speed fines more. it continues from here. >> the bottom line, they're going down no matter who sets the bar for it. >> yeah. >> matt ackland, thank you. >> uh-huh. >>> staying in d.c. now, a news alert. a police officer recovering from stab wounds. investigators say two officers were responding to a domestic dispute here on 17th street and northeast this morning when a man approached the officers from behind. the police say the man stabbed one of the officers in the head, neck, and
Nov 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
assistant coaches. shawn dun can, dave stone and the there will will clark. [cheers and applause] . and the manager for the past 54 years the legendary one, mike murphy. [cheers and applause] and we would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the giants alumni that we have here today including former giants manager feleap laua and five of our hall of famers. gay lord perry, orlando si pirra, jaun, lily misconnie, and willy mays. [cheers and applause] we also want to acknowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her husband. thank you so much for being here. we know how busy you with the election just a few days away so a round of applause for all of our vip and special guests. and now at this time we would also like to thank the city and county of san francisco and our community partners. we must acknowledge them. can't do it without them. bank of america, dignity health, miller coors, diamond foods, virgin america, pg&e, and sales force to help to make this civic celebration possible. we thank you. and of course we must recognize the giants broadcast partner sports ba
FOX News
Nov 4, 2012 9:00pm EST
? >> i am very optimistic. i am not going to predict this one, shawn. as you say everything is so close. the voters the viewers the readers the listeners are more interested instead of all of the baseball things and the bun dits like to talk about the polls they want to hear more about the stories that have been ignored by the corrupt media that have greater repercussions than the polls who is up and who is down with it. those stories have to do with benghazi and the cover up. they have to do with the enthusiastically acceptance of barack obama through the foreign sources of campaign contributions because campaign is accepting. there are a lot of things going on in this campaign season that are being ignored and that's a shame because people need to -- they have to do that you aeir o homework and figure out themselves what is going on with aspects of the campaign. >> the final states that have come into play if you watch axle rod this is desperation meanwhile they are sending bill clinton into pennsylvania tomorrow. i don't know if it's real but there is a tightening in the midwest. mic
Nov 11, 2012 11:30am EST
a connection. there's no way for shawn hannity to reply to engaging host and on twitter there are those who don't talk to both sides. there's also sometimes reality check where somebody says something that is outrageously false and people on the other side can correct them and people who are partisans don't want to be wrong. there's some way for that conversation to happen. >> where does it go? how does it keep progressing do you think? >> that's a great question. twitter is a media company thinking in some ways trying to move towards being more of a broadcast, old school thing, having people visit twitter and see tag pages. i don't know, i think they can change very, very fast. i would hate to predict what the dominant space for the next election is going to be. >> what about journalistically and how quickly incorrect information can pro liver rate? >> saw that during sandy, one twitter user started to spread lies deliberately and it was somebody who was trusted who people developed a relationship to and thought was a source of good information. he was playing crazy pranks and th
Nov 7, 2012 10:00pm EST
shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. >>> we begin with the nor'easter that just brought rain to parts of our area, but up north it's getting nasty. >> that's right. we're talking about snow, strong winds in areas still recovering from hurricane sandy. let's get to sue palka in the weather center. >> let me show you what we are missing out on. the pictures behind us is d.c. united trying to get the field cleared in harrison, new jersey, where they were going to take on the new york red bulls and had to cancel that game. a lot of fans were up there. they had 2 inches of snow in that area, but it's very heavy and wet and it's still blowing and that is what we don't have to deal with tonight. let me take you to radar. we'll touch on the nor'easter in a moment. what we've had locally is sort of one of the westward bands of our nor'easter and what we have out there is mostly light, occasionally moderate rain. hey, from time to time maybe a little wet snowflake can mix in, but we're in our last few hours of seeing this precipitation and i think it will be gone by morning. we'll take you over
Nov 23, 2012 9:00am PST
little first birthday party for gillie. this video was sent to us by one of our viewers named shawn stone. there's shawn with little gillie. short for mcgillicuddy. >> ow cute! >> it's a beautiful dog. that's a little party hat on. gillie, you can tell, is a patient little pooch. this is the best part. they're done celebrating. already, gillie, time for you to dive right into your cake. >> okay. okay. >> okay. you can eat it! okay. [ laughter ] >> he's, like what is this about? is the cake for me? >> you know are what? it's her first birthday, steven. she's like, i don't know what i'm supposed to do here. >> eat the cake. eat the cake. >> they're like, pointing to gillie. like, gillie, come on. eat the cake. >> eat the cake. >> finally, once they take the party hat off -- >> eat. >> she probably dives right into it. >> and then, this is my favorite part of the whole, entire birthday party for gillie. gillie got a little blue box from sniffany's. >> how cute! >>> that's it for our show. th
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
district has a new plan to deal with speeding drivers. shawn yancy has tonight's fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, apple releases the brand-new ipad mini. no. 5. the gadget hit stores today in south korea and hong kong. analysts prick the smaller ipad will sell 1.5 million units this weekend. the mini starts at $329. no. 4, acupuncture may help decrease some of the fatigue that often comes with breast cancer. british researchers studied more than 300 patients. those who underwent weekly 20 minute acupuncture sessions reported having less fatigue, anxiety and depression. no. 3, keep your baby's pacifier clean. it may protect their health. 40 different kinds of bacteria was found that can make you sick on the used pacifiers of healthy infants. some experts say it's not a big deal, but others suggest throwing pacifiers out after two weeks because that bacteria can lodge in the porous plastic parts. no. 2, the million puppet march is coming to d.c. this weekend. pbs is planning a rally saturday in lincoln park. puppets and puppeteers will be marching around the capitol and
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >>> and go to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >> we following the developing story tonight. a teenager accused of killing a cab driver in the district is being linked to a random double shooting that left a woman dead in maryland. also, a consumer alert. the baby fragrance is a $30 billion-a-year industry and should parents be concerned about the ingredients in those products. those stories and the story in a special report coming up on fox 5 news at 10. brian. >> and thank you, shawn. i'll see you at 10. you as well and the news edge at 11. in the meantime, the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is pup next -- is up next. when we switched to fios, we got better tv, betttter phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook all the junk out of it. we're actually getting more for our money with fios. [ male announcer ] why settle for second best? visit now and see if you qualify for a $5 amazon gift card. there's no purchase necessary. there's at least three computers. [ girl 1 ] a tablet. [ woman 1
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
shopping safety tips. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, brian, why you might want to pass on some of those traditional holiday cocktails this year. no. 5, you could eliminate an extra 100 calories from your daily diet by laying off alcoholic beverages. dietary guidelines recommend people consume alcohol in moderation, which is one drink a day for women and two for men. no. 4, seeing the color green while exercising may make your workout more enjoyable. people responded more positively during and after workouts when they were shown outdoor images with the green filter versus a red or black filter. no. 3, nearly 80% of office workers come to work when they're sick. according to the annual flu season survey from staples, that is a 20% increase over last year. among the workers who stay home, more than 2/3 go back when they're still contagious putting their co-workers' health at risk. no. 2, according to a recent survey 18% of americans plan to spend more on christmas this year than they did last year. 1/3 of their shopping will be done online. when it comes to in stor
Nov 9, 2012 2:00pm EST
. right this minute from missouri we have the co owner of lake tv, shawn kober to tell us what was going on. tell us the story behind the video. >> they were trying to get to a sretaunt th we gng60 tour. they hit a rowigue wave. >> what happened after? >> the guy was down, probably knocked out for probably about a minute. he comes to. the driver at one point stands up, he moans. the female, surprisingly, the older lady is actually a mother and a daughter and the mother takes a face full of water from the side of the boat and the daughter takes the whole dash with her face. they walked away. when the video progresses you start to see the bruising and some blood. >> tell us exactly who all of these people are. is this aen entire family or family and friends. >> the web published it as all family. it was a couple from florida. everybody else i believe was from memphis, tennessee. none of them were related a except for the two ladies in front and they were a mother and daughter. >> what happens to the guy that was driving this boat? >> as you can see from the video, he goes head first
Nov 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
this advertising. . >>> we have what you need to know before you go to the polls tomorrow. shawn yancy has more. shawn? >> reporter: hi, brian. let's start with voters in maryland. in addition to choosing candidates, you have to decide 17 ballot issues when you vote tomorrow. among them, question three, which changes the current rules for removing an elected official if he or she is convicted of a crime. question four, the dream act. it would guarantee in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants. question 5 deals with redistricting. question six ask voters to decide whether to legalize same- sex marriage and question seven asks whether to expand gamble negligent state and allow a new casino in prince georges county. to virginia now in addition to the race for the white house, the u.s. senate showdown between tim kaine and george allen will be the big race to follow. there are two statewide amendments. we want to give you a heads up about it. question one has to do with imminent domain and when and if your property can be taken from you. question two deals with the general assembl
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
, scott, let's go to shawn yancy and a look at what and is coming up at 10. >>> tonight at 10, we're exposing's now scam waking the rounds in the wake of hurricane sandy. how con artists are trying to rip you off. also tonight, a hiker stranded on a mountain for days. the stroke of luck that led to his rescue. of course, we'll have full coverage of election day 2012, the last-minute campaigning and what you need ton before you vote. brian? >> thank you, shawn. now you have the news edge back here for fox 5 news edge you decide 2012. next. charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in onone of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and...
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
? shawn yancy has tonight's fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, will, the nationwide meningitis outbreak is still growing. no. 5, health officials in virginia are reporting 50 suspected cases of fungal meningitis that. number includes three west virginia residents and two deaths. the cdc says hundreds of people have gotten sick and 31 have died after receiving tainted steroid shots. no. 4, you might want to check your cab nets because nestle is recalling some nesquick chocolate powder over possible salmonella concerns which includes 10.9, 21.8 and 41.7- ounce canisters. this comes after one of nestle's suppliers recalled an ingredient used in the product due to a possible salmonella contamination. no. 3, chrysler is recalling more than 900,000 jeep grand cherokee and jeep liberty suvs worldwide. there's concern a potential defect can cause the air bags to inflate unexpectedly. the recall affects 2002 to 2004 grand cherokees and 2002 to 2003 liberty suvs. no. 2, montgomery county maryland has a smoking ban in restaurants and near playgrounds. later this month the county council m
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
billion in sales. shawn? >> and that is a lot of money, bob. i was checking, bay. people are selling the twinkie boxes on ebay, upwards of $60 already. >> how much for a twinkie, bob? >> i'll give it to you. >> thank you, bob. >>> another big story tonight. president obama and top lawmakers gather at the white house trying to head out the so- called fiscal cliff, both sides expressing confidence they can work together, but they have said that before. that's for sure. no deal means higher taxes for nearly all of us beginning in 46 days from now. economists warn a likely recession all over again. craig bosswell is following this one for us. >> reporter: it's the first step toward finding a compromise. >> we're all aware that we have some urgent business to do,. >> reporter: president obama sitting between leaders for both parties looking for a way to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> we have to make sure taxes don't go up on middle class families. that our economy will remain strong. that we're creating jobs. >> reporter: the fiscal cliff is a combination of tax cuts that expire at the
Nov 15, 2012 10:00pm EST
tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. alexis simpson was accused of stabbing her roommate to death last year in a fight over music. >> the jury found her not guilty on all counts late tonight. fox 5's maureen umeh has the details. >> from the start the defense argued this was a case of self- defense and after three hours of deliberation the jury believed it. >> thank god. >> reporter: relief and joy from alexis simpson's friends and family just minutes after hearing a jury's verdict. the jury found simpson not guilty on all seven counts she faced in the stabbing death of her bowie state university suite mate domonique frazier, simpson's lawyers saying the jury made the right call. >> this was a is of defense case. alexis, there's no question in my mind acted in self-defense and so we are very gratified by the verdict. >> reporter: during the trial simpson testified she was being bulliedly frazier and said she -- bullied by frazier. she said she complained to officials and wanted to move out but was told there were no rooms available. on september 15th, 2011, simps
FOX News
Nov 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
anymore. does the republican party need to change the image joining us now is shawn and amy. welcome to the woth of - both of you. i know it is it a disappointing week that you are reacting tompt there is it a lot of soul senching going on saying that the republican party need toz get a grip and take a look at where it missed the mark in the past election, shawn, a lot of the folks are upset that the republican party did not factor in the real vibe with the youth vote, women and hispanics. >> look we lost but we did a lot of things well. our ground game was strong and did better in the battle ground states than in 2008 and president obama did worse than in 2008. fund raising was off of the chart. >> we got breaking news to alert to. the associate press is now reporting that thitate of florida was an obama win. florida topping rom no. 332 to 206. that's the way it stands. this had to take place over a period of days and so we know shawn florida goes in the obama colume. >> another nail in the coffin. part of the what we need to do is a full analysis. choose what the chairman told us t
Nov 8, 2012 10:00pm EST
. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a teen-ager arrested for a brutal attack and robbery of an 81-year-old woman inside her northwest d.c. home. >> the victim is still recovering in the hospital. fox 5's maureen umeh working this one tonight now. >> neighbors say there has been an uptick in crime in the area lately but nothing as brutal as the random attack on the elderly woman. tonight police continue to patrol the area as a precaution. the burglary and beating happened wednesday afternoon inside this house surrounded by bamboo on mckinley street. an 81-year-old woman lives here alone. neighbors say she's legally blind and hard of hearing. sometime before 1:00 police say a masked burglar broke into the house through a back window. they say he punched the victim in the face and head, then took an apple computer. minutes later a mailman discovered the woman beaten and confused outside her front door. >> the person that did this is a coward. the woman is 81 years old. that's enough said. she's 81 and someone assaulted her in her own
Nov 9, 2012 10:00pm EST
shawn yancy. >> i'm will thomas. >>> we begin with david petraeus stepping down in disgrace. >> fox news has learned the cia director resigned after an fbi investigation revealed the retired four star general was having an fair with his biographer. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> paula broadwell wrote general petraeus' biography. initially the fbi thought petraeus may have been a victim but so far there's been no evidence to back up that concern. cia director general david petraeus step down after 14 months on the job offering president obama his resignation on thursday. it was accepted today. general petraeus said in a statement to the cia workforce, "after being married for over 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable both as a husband and leader of an organization such as ours." sources close to petraeus tell fox news the resignation was his choice and had nothing to do with the situation in benghazi. they say the general was looking forward to testifying on capitol hill about libya next week. the presi
Nov 5, 2012 9:00am PST
, let's go around, i want everyone to introduce themselves. >> i'm tim, kelly, katie, shawn, joanna. >> how were you feeling when you won? >> was like christmas early. >> what will you use it for most? >> games. >> it's definitely a big surprise, we're very thankful for it. we were floored and blown away, and beth, we loved the gag. >> why should other viewers enter the giveaway? >> it was easy to do it, why not. >> congratulations, give us a big wave goodbye! and we have another ipad to give away, but you need the buzz word. >> so you knee the buzz word, and then you go to our facebook page and enter the buzz word. >> you have to 18 and older to win. >> good luck, everybody. >> once again, criminals up to no good, caught on surveillance. let's start in tucson aerz, he's going to check the gate, and look, two suspects, armed, are hitting him. he has gardening in one hand, and a gun in the other. >> go inside, what the heck. >> suspect two, he has a gun, he's pointing it at people, and he has that victim by the neck. look at the gate again, a third man shows up. >> that's terrifying
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